Below find poems, meditations and articles intended for reflexion and the cultivation of peace.  

Robust health emerges through deep ongoing self awareness.

Self exploration naturally leads to deeper self and world awareness, which in turn, provides the impetus for meaningful personal change. Enjoy, and feel free to share! Email me with questions or comments:

Illumined Heart Deceleration Walking Meditation (1)

Natures Truths 12016

Illumined Heart Focused Meditation 

 Heart Walking Meditation

Self Reflection



Hope and Fear  

Legacy of Light

Reading and Resource List

Reduce Your Workday Stress

Illumined Heart Eating Meditation1212

Mindfulness Sitting Meditation

Four Qualities of Mindfulness

Joyful Self Expression

Master of the Storm poem

Awaken to Love

The Body Beautiful

The Empty Nest

Where Do You Hold Your Stress?