Teri B. Racey, is dedicated to helping individuals optimize mind, body health. She offers individual consultations, during which she customizes a program to achieve those goals. Teri employes coursework in Mindfulness, and utilizes a variety of non-traditional therapies to support this process.


In over forty years of practice as a Physician Assistant and five years on the faculty at U of D Mercy’s Physician Assistant program, Teri realized that achieving balanced health requires a deep understanding of each persons unique needs.

Whether she was working with patients or students, identifying that uniqueness laid the skeletal structure for greater health or academic achievement. She also observed that when students/patients employed Mindfulness for self awareness, they were able to identify and eliminate barriers to their greater success more rapidly-be it lowering their blood pressure or achieving their educational goals. Witnessing this led Teri to combined her knowledge of medicine and health education with modalities like Mindfulness to help individuals awaken their healer or scholar within.

Teri believes that moment to moment self and world awareness, acquired through the practice of Mindfulness, can bring us a richer understanding of the many factors to be considered if we wish to live a happier and healthier life.

Teri Racey’s Resume