Master Your Storms, Master Your Life;
Mindful Writing and Sketching for Wisdom and Well-Being.

Master Your Storms, Master Your Life BookAre you facing a health, relationship or work challenge? Teri Racey’s latest book Master Your Storms, Master Your Life, will provide powerful tools to calmly and more wisely manage them. This book details a Mindfulness based six step approach to help you access the wisdom within so you may formulate a balanced resolution to any dilemma.

The Healer is Within

As we work with the storms of life, we have the capacity to access inherent wisdom to calm, even resolve them. The mindful writing and sketching process explained in this book will help you access your intuitive wisdom. This empowering self exploration process allows you to become a detached self-witness, one who is able to identify imbalanced thoughts and emotional barriers that block the way to greater health and happiness! 

New Mind, New Body; 
Know Yourself for Greater Health MP3
Know Yourself for Greater HealthLet your worries and frustrations melt away as you relax and listen to the gentle guidance shared through this CD. As you listen, you will become aware of where your body holds tension and pain and be guided to release it gently through the breath work. With greater body awareness, the cause and effect of chronic stress and pain will become clear allowing you to find effective ways to release it from the fabric of your life. By consciously nurturing your elegant mind/body partnership, you will more easily move toward greater health!


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The Heart of Meditation MP3
Know Yourself for Greater HealthThe Heart of Meditation combines two of Teri’s most popular guided meditations, the Illumined Heart and the Purple Flame. Rooted in the concepts of Mindfulness, both meditations support you in experiencing deep relaxation. As you release physical and emotional stress through these guided meditations, you will naturally feel more refreshed, peaceful and calm.

Use the Illumined Heart meditation to help you with relationship challenges.

Use the Purple Flame meditation for deep release through the wisdom of the Kabbalah.

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