Several years ago I started doing meditation and classes with Teri. I found it/them very helpful in lowering stress and becoming grounded. A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Following surgery, I had 29 radiation treatments over the course of 27 weeks. I completely attribute Teri and her techniques to first helping me deal with the diagnosis, and second to deal with the treatments. I meditated through each radiation session, and because of that could be relaxed during a difficult time.Thanks Teri for all you do.

– Karen Moore, Pediatric and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Southfield MI

Teri Racey is a wise teacher in a world where wisdom is a rare commodity.

-Pat Hardy, Bloomfield Hills City Commissioner, Community Activist.

Over the past several years, I have taken a number of Teri’s classes, worked with her on an individual basis and attended one of her weekend retreats. Her knowledge of traditional western medicine combined with her study of less traditional healing modalities results in a highly effective eclectic approach to addressing life challenges. She is respectful, thoughtful, a great communicator and has a great sense of humor.

My personal meditation practice has been strengthened as a result of her meditation classes. I have also found working with her on an individual basis to be very beneficial. I feel that the work I have done with her has enhanced the quality of my life. I am grateful that we have someone as gifted as Teri living and working in this community.

– Sherry Dobbyn-Berman, Social Worker, Huntington Woods MI

Teri has a spiritual gift unlike any I’ve ever encountered. I went to her with healthy skepticism and after experiencing profound physical and emotional effects from a chord cutting I became a believer. Her classes are always exceptional learning experiences and her individual sessions are life changing. Her background as a medical professional gives added credibility for those, like me, who fear trying something too far “out there.”

– Mary E. Robertson, MusicwithMary.comAccredited Simply Music Teacher, Licensed Kindermusik Educator, Huntington Woods MI

As a freelance journalist, I have contacted Teri many times — she has been a wonderful news source for a variety of health-related stories I have quoted her in Style magazine, The Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press and other publications. Our topics have ranged from designing interior spaces with color to creating a no-stress, peaceful holiday to even a first-person feature story on energy therapy. Her tips are useful, practical and eye-opening at once and have made my news stories all the more enlightening.

— Megan Swoyer, freelance editor & writer, metro Detroit

 With Teri’s calm guidance and Master of the Storm book, I was able to navigate my way through several very emotional changes in my life.  Teri’s support allowed me to find the answers within and and then lovingly heal myself body, mind and soul.  

 -Theresa,  Social Worker, Troy, MI
I am one of those women who has had a tense and difficult adult relationship with my mother.  As an only child, I became the person in the last years of her life, to handle all of her affairs and make sure she was in a comfortable and caring environment.  When you feel like you are in a one-sided relationship, this was not easy.  Teri always assured me that this was the place I was meant to be.  Her comments and assessment of the situation helped me tremendously to do all that had to be done with some element of caring and grace.   There have been numerous times, when leaving a Reiki session with Teri, that I have felt physically and emotionally lighter.   Her skill level and abilities are so much more effective than other Reiki practitioners I have visited.  I have learned many skills to help me deal with those ‘bumps in the road’. 

  – Cheryl,  Educator, Troy, Mi

After working with Teri, I feel like a physical block in my gut has been removed.  I am lighter. I’m not certain how else to say it accept that I was carrying something around that is no longer there and I have more resources to be grounded and centered. She has given me tools and works with me to clear more than just that initial block. In addition, she has helped me get to core issues of what makes me who I am and has helped me focus on my path.

I am grateful for her being in my life and walking with me along my path.

Terry, Engineer and Musician, Royal Oak, MI

Teri is a trusted resource and healer.  She helped me recover and move through the accumulated stress of a difficult marriage. I spent years in therapy yet still felt “stuck” in my relationship from my father.  After one session, in which we cut old cords/attachments, our relationship was literally transformed. This allowed me to be with him in a new and different way – as an ADULT – healing old wounds before his passing.

As a psychotherapist, I count on Teri to help my clients move through and heal difficult circumstances,  relationships and traumas both old and new.

I continue to see Teri myself, helping me to keep balanced so that I may do my best work with others and live my own life more fully.  Again, Teri is one of my trusted “team” that I gratefully rely on.

 Nancy Sparrow,  LMSW, LMFT, Royal Oak, MI

In 12th grade, years of fearful living pushed me over the edge: I experienced an intense and prolonged series of panic attacks followed by bouts of depression and severe sinus infections. Disconnected from my inner self, I couldn’t decipher these psychosomatic symptoms: something was obviously very wrong, but I had no idea what. I did know that I felt utterly helpless, literally watching my-self be overwhelmed by some complex enigma uprooting my inner landscape. It was hell on earth, and I thought it was my destiny. My mom’s friend suggested that I meet with Teri, even preliminarily, to see if she could do anything for me.

That suggestion changed my life. Through her incomprehensible mastery of psychological dynamics and human spirituality, Teri helped me gather my personal energy and find the power to face that which was destroying me. Turns out, many people experience what I did.  I had censored my personal power and truths playing cat-and-mouse with my ego: internalizing anger, people-pleasing, practicing self-hate, and awful-izing.

If any of this sounds familiar – and if you want to change your world in a big way – I highly recommend Teri Racey as an ally. Teri taught me that I didn’t have to forever live in fear and denial. She has supported, guided and empowered me through the process of challenging my old paradigm and developing a new one in its place. She taught me how to recognize egoic thoughts, feelings and behaviors; how to be compassionate with my terrified ego, and with myself for occasionally slipping back into its grips (as is human nature!); and how to choose empowered and illumined action over wallowing in self-denial or being paralyzed by fear.

Today, now a junior in college, I am flourishing emotionally, spiritually, socially and academically because of Teri’s skillful guidance.  

 Kelsey Dovico
Social Psychology, Family Life Education, Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness
Age 20